Properties For Sale In Spain

Important Advice On Buying Properties In Spain

Properties For Sale In Spain

Buying a cheap property in Spain can be a complex process, as it is in many other countries. Although some of the things that need to be done are the same everywhere, the legal side of things is usually different. So whether you are already resident in Spain, or you are looking to purchase a holiday home in Spain, it is essential that a lawyer is hired to ensure that the proper legal procedures are followed, to make certain that there are no problems later on. It is also advisable to check out real estate forums when looking for properties in Spain for sale.

The climate in Spain means that many people buying property these days are from abroad, on top of that real estate prices are very competitive, especially compared with someone who lives in the likes of London in the UK. The Spanish government has in recent years made it easier for foreigners to purchase property, in order to try and boost the market. When looking for properties in Spain the following advice should be taken into account.

Properties For Sale In Costa Blanca

Spain covers a very large area of land, and it is split into different regions. You need to first decide which region you want to live in, there are plenty of inland locations, but also a number of towns on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. Weather in the latter tends to be warmer and more stable. There are thousands of quaint villages in the country, and many people like to buy properties in or near these. Property in these areas usually consists of farmhouses, but there are many different kinds of real estate across the whole country. One thing that is usually important is how close the property is to an airport.

Properties For Sale in Alicante

Always make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for, and your price range. Remember that you will have to pay tax and insurance, plus probably a few repairs and upgrades, so always look for properties at least 10% under your budget. Building regulations can be difficult in Spain, so get a property that you are happy with and will not need any major changes. If you do have grand plans for a property that will need a lot of renovation, you need to check out that it is all legal first, and that the local authorities will allow it.

Use Good Estate Agents To find a Property in Spain

Although most estate agents tend to have a bit of a bad name no matter what country you live in, they know a lot more about property than you do, so use their knowledge and ask as many questions as possible. The first thing to need to do is make sure that the estate agent is legally qualified and holds a license. If for whatever reason they make you feel uncomfortable, or there is a language problem, find another one. You will be spending tens of thousands so make sure that you are comfortable and everything is clearly understood.


As well as employing a lawyer, do not take everything they say or what the estate agent tells you, at face value. Do some research yourself, and find out if they are telling you the truth. This is where online forums come in very handy. Do not give money to anyone, or sign anything, until you are absolutely certain of what you are doing.

Looking for properties in Spain does not have to be difficult, and as long as you follow all of the local rules and laws, you should not have any problems, and it shouldn’t take too long before you are starting a new life.